Sunday, May 2, 2010

my family

sometimes in life,things get from bad to worse.and at this moment,i'll miss my family most

i miss my mom so much.we're not that close.i dont know why but one thing for sure,she has her unconditional love for me.she accepts me the way i am and try her best to help me to be a better person by her gentle touch.she doesnt force me,she waits patiently and never complains.

i miss ku so much too.he has a very special way of approaching me when i did anything wrong.he wants nothing but the best for me.whatever i want,he'll try to get it done.we used to be so close..when ma went to work and i dont feel like going to school,ku brought me somewhere else.when i wasnt feeling so well,ku would sleep somewhere else and let me sleep with ma.there's one time,when ku n ma went to mecca,ma called and said ku wasnt being allowed to take the flight back due to heart attack.i was so scared but thank God it's just a minor lung infection coz he used to be a quite heavy smoker when he's young.(that's y i hate smokers).

i miss k.yoes too.she's very cold and ignorant when we're one can enter her room for whatever reason.. but now she's a very helpful sister..we share the same interest in things like make up,fashion n etc...

i miss ja too.she helps me a a looot.she's hot tempered but she has a very kind heart.when she was studying in uitm s.alam,i went there a few times.that time,she has a motorcyle.that's how she brought me anywhere and we did have so much fun together..she took a day off just to accompany me to my interview..she's like a superwoman to me.whenever i need help,she'll be there.

yu is more like ma..she always advice me and encourage me to do well in everything.she understands me quite well esp when it comes to rshp prob.she's as sensitive as i am,so she knows what to say when i'm sad.i miss yu.

anis..we're sooooo close.i tell her almost everything.she's my senior when we're in mrsm pg chepa.she's very protective.she defended me a lot during that time.she's a good sister.i miss da time when i was so stress and we went karaoke together.i miss hanging out with her,seriously.we did a lot of things together.when we're home,she would drive me anywhere i asked her to.we love baking..

i come from a very simple family.i do not have all sophisticated things all teenagers would want to but seriously,i'm glad to have all of them with me.their endless support is more than enough for me.
i love you guys so much!


nik rosmawati said...

hehe..thanks puji n kutuk sy..