Tuesday, May 25, 2010

man of my dream

Just because I’m quiet, doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to say. Just because I appear happy, doesn’t mean everything is okay. Just because I forgive, doesn’t mean I forget. Just because I don’t listen, doesn’t mean I don’t care. Just because I’m gullible, doesn’t mean I can be cheated. Just because I’m stubborn, doesn’t mean I’m not easy going. Just because I don’t show my feelings, doesn’t mean I don’t have any.Just because I’m unsure, doesn’t mean I’m afraid. Just becuase I don’t love you, doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings for you.

Sometimes there is nothing to be said. Sometimes nothing should be said. I just want to find someone who won’t run away. Someone to look me in the eyes and tell me it’s okay that things don’t always go right. That this is how life works, and how it will always work. That it’s not going to be easy. Today, tomorrow, the next day, but it will somehow get better and i'll always be there for you.that no matter how hard life appears to be,u can always turn to me.i would not ask you to leave nor do i wanna leave.this is the man of my dream.the one who would rather choose hard times together than to have it easy apart.