Tuesday, May 18, 2010


lite nite was horrible.seriously.i keep questioning why things happened that way.another month in ky felt so long.am i being selfish if i were to make a decision not to unlock myslef from that room?is that what's the best for everyone?can i just think about myself n my onlyself right now?i'm afraid i cant.coz when you care about someone,u tend to be more considerate.does this apply to anyone.nope..some people just cannot control the selfishness but that's juz how God made us all.we're different.in our own ways.according to our preferences.everyone is against me now,i used to atleast have you but now it seems like you want me to take the road that everyone's talking about.you're my strength to stay.one of the biggest and now it's gone and i can say that i'm lost.in my own world trying to figure out which step to take when no one is supporting me about my way of dealing with it.it's hard coz u made me feel this way,unintentionally maybe.i try to understand and put myself in ur shoes but have you ever tried looking at it from my point of view?i told you i was traumatised twice,i know maybe it sounds so simple and it wasnt big but did you even consider?do you even remember?that's the thing only you can answer.if it's true you dont want me to be hurt by this thing,juz support me.if u care about me as much as i do 4 you,u wont let things go this easily.