Saturday, May 8, 2010

it's soooo biology;)

Once upon a time,there is a plant,lives healthily in a beautiful is so happy as it gets enough nutrients for the cell divisions needed in its growth so that it’ll grow as a very cool and great tree.well, in the jungle,it cant afford to run away from the interactions between other organisms living in the same habitat.Mutualism,comensalism and parasitism,u name it.

After some time,the plant grows into a very unique plant attracting all the other organisms towards itself.A flower which cannot live without the support of the plant for nutrients,sunlight and water chooses this special plant as its host.both of them benefit from this symbiosis as the flower will get all the growth factors it needs while it enhances the look of the plant making it more attractive.the flower is pretty and it has all what every flower would want to.

However,fate has a different story to time goes by,the relationship between the flower and the plant has been quite strong and they become attach to one another.the flower realises that it has fallen in love with the plant. Unfortunately,a species of weed which also form interdependence association with the plant interferes the love that should be blossomed at that time.the weed distracts the plant attention and leave the flower with a broken heart.but love knows no the flower keeps its feeling deep inside the heart and hoping that the plant will realise someday,how strong the feeling it has towards the plant.

The weed doesnt realise that it presence is like a parasite to the takes all the nutrients without giving anything’s not pretty so it cannot contribute anything to the plant’s fact,it looks better without the weed on is in the air.the weed falls for the plant and thinks that they’re meant to be knows nothing about the flower that has been there for the tree waaaay before it comes.the community in the jungle starts speculating saying that the weed is the third party in the plant-and-the-flower-relationship.the weed feels so bad about itself.if time could be turned back,it would have choosen another plant.

Now the weed is at its wits doesnt know what it supposed to do to make things doesnt really know how the plant feels towards both of them,so it’s harder to choose which way to go.but one thing for sure,it has the idea in mind that either way it will take later would hurt itself but it just has to decide which one is worth than the doesnt have the heart to stay and witness how weak the plant gets day by day cause it has to support both-flower and the it was thinking about leaving but the only way to do it is to shed itself from the surface of the plant and obviously this will hurt the plant as hurt the plant would be is not in its range of knowledge and it thinks maybe the flower can heal the wound later and they’ll live happily ever after.but is it fair for the plant if the weed chooses to do that?what the weed wants is to let the plant be happy as it used doesnt mind to sacrifice and let itself to be decomposed so that all the nutrients in the weed can be absorbed by the plant.if that’s the only way thgs will get easier for the plant,the weed will do it.and to the flower,the weed would like to apologise.seriously if the weed knows thgs well before it happened,it wont turn out this way.and to the plant,though the weed may remain optional to the plant,the plant has always been the weed’s priority.for now let’s time decide,but if it refuses,the weed would have to do something.the weed says sorry to both of you!

ps:feel bad about updating blog when i should have used the time to study,so here it is..biology revision:p