Tuesday, May 4, 2010

if it's true

if it's true,then i'll juz 4get about everything and pretend like nothing has happened.if it's true then you shud have told me earlier.if it's true then it's not your fault coz i know it's human nature.if it's true juz be honest with me.sometimes truth hurts but not as much when lies being revealed in the end.assumptions bring me nowhere but to a land full of broken-hearted people and i refuse to go there :)
i'm fine and now i'm missing the old me.it has been so long since i lost the happy-go-lucky side of me.i'm trying to get it back.2 years ago,when i stepped into this college,i was so different from who i am today.if it's for the better,i shall keep it.but some of them need to be eliminated esp the one that is not important.

bouncing back?hmm...trials was over few weeks ago and i can surely say that up till now,the results hurt so badly.to beat the blues i need to accept the fact that yes i did screw up my trials but it's ok.it's ok!i mean it this time.after i convinced my teachers and friends about having a few tests before the real exam,i felt better esp after getting the results for the tests.now i know my strength and weaknesses so i knw what to improve.i'm so glad to have all my frens with me..i would like to thanx felix so much for helping me with my M1.i started with 0 n now atleast i know that i know something.:)thanks felix.ur help is much appreaciated and with that i wish u all da best and i'm sure u're gonna excel in this upcoming a level.

i was searching for a-peaceful-inner-environment and i found something.now i know what i should do when life sucks:)..mom knows best,i would have to admit that.i might not have what i want but pls let me want what i have..that way,life would be better:)
mom said dun worry about the future too much coz u’ll miss the details of the present.mom said sometimes everything seems so hard and future looks so dark but juz keep walking and u’ll find urself a little closer to the light.mom said i can do whatever i want as long as i trust myself,if i dont get it then it’s not meant to be.i juz need to get over it and set a new goal.mybe what’s waiting for me is waaaaaay better than what i think i want right now.mom said,dont ever look back,u’re not going that way.mom said i love you and i’ll be here for you

Mom’s words are like remedy to every wound i have.she mends my heart with her magical words.mom,i love you.i really do.:)