Sunday, May 16, 2010

i know i'm not good but i'm learning:)

i read an article:
if u want God to help you,dont do things he despises.
now is exam period..people say it's not good to be close to God juz for the sake of getting good grades in exam.partially agreed by me.yes it's true that whatever we do,it has to be sincere and not because we're hoping for something in return.but,if it is the starting point before it gets sincere,i dont think it's wrong to be close to God based on that reason.He encourages us to ask from him.i remembered when i was a little kid,i didnt pray coz i want to but coz my father was standing beside me with an angry face and ready to shout if i didnt time goes by then i learned that it is my responsibility as a servant to point is,dont be judgemental.if someone wants to turn over a new leaf during exam period,just support that person.if you dont want to,just ignore,never say a word that can discourage that person esp by saying'ehem,dkt2 exam br nk insaf?'..atleast dia nk insaf..come on!

tips from my senior during exam weeks..
-byk kn solat taubat,hajat n if possible solat tahajud.
-if rajin wt la solat dhuha sbb bley wt murah rezeki
-bykkan selawat n istigfar
-time nk gerak g dewan bace ni-robbi yaasir wala tuassir
-time ssh nk jwb exam bacee ni byk2 kali...ya mu'id

All da best!