Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I’m sorry if u think i dont understand you.i know at ths moment u wanna be alone.try figuring things out by ur own.i dont know if u’re aware of the fact that these things worry me.cant u spend 1min out of so many hours u have to tell me u wanna be alone and will text me that so hard?i told you sooo many time i’m a sensitive person.when something feels not right.i cant do anything.i cant study,i cant sleep.i tried my very best to adjust myself.putting ur needs and feelings above everything else.i’m still getting the hang of things about what happened before.i tried to be considerate,i tried to make you happy.i tried to lend you my hands but it was never enough to make you at least try not to do things that can make me worry about you.i'm sorry i care too much about you.maybe u dont need that much attention from me.