Sunday, May 16, 2010

2 weeks

It’s almost 2 weeks and i still cannot sleep very well.i dont know what bothers me brain refuses to stop working even during bed time.i dont know what to do to turn things right side up again.everything is falling apart and i keep asking is it my fault?i know i cant please everyone but i dont wanna be selfish by putting my self on top of my own list of people i wanna please according to my preference.i dont know.i cant afford to make a wrong,within ths one month,i'll try to evaluate everything,think about the pros and cons and i will take which way i think is the best for all.not for me.

now i juz wanna spend the time left least,there's something i can hold to when we're apart.but then again i dont know is ths a right choice?i'll just stick with what mom said before.dun think too much about the future,u'll miss all the fun in the present:)

i did a lot of things that make me happy over the weekend.went to watch iron man and nightmares on elm street.i feel a bit more relax now and i'm trying to push away part of the sensitive side of me.try to be a bit more rational and less emotional.try to think like a 19 year old girl :)..come on idzni..u dont like kids so dont act like one..haha..

m1 is coming.i need to start studying now but i dont know why i keep on pressing the keyboard.i feel a lot better now.really need to stdy bye bye.

p/s: i read my saved msg catches my eyes-it's his loss if he doesnt appreciate you.i wonder,is it for real or being said juz to make me feel better?it was sent during nov-dec break..i think the sender may want to give different argument by now:p