Thursday, April 15, 2010


finally,i'm DONE with all my papers...yuhoooooooooooooooooooooooo.there are lotsa things i wanna do today and i cant wait for the housetrip..tomorrow..though we're not the first house to go to pangkor or not the first house that fly to our destination but i'm sure that we're gonna enjoy ourselves as much(no offense);)

we are going to enjoy every bits and pieces of it coz this is the last event for seniors and juniors to strengthen the bond before we say goodbye to this wonderful college(it is quite a good college except for the fact that it's in da middle of nowhere)

well i dont know what i shud do now..da habis paper xtau nk wtp da...aiyoooo...movies?binge?packing?(<---cam over gler je nk pack now)..

i end up fbooking and blogging..hehe..owh..i bought few clothes to wear during the smgt ape ntah..hahahaha..nasib baik baju prom and graduation blum bli lg...

i read something about bouncing back.but i dun wanna write about it yet..after housetrip laa nk bounce back pun...nk enjoy dulu!;)