Wednesday, April 14, 2010

when life locks me out...

Have you ever felt how it is when u really want something but it is out of reach.and when u're about to forget,bam!it comes right in front of u.u feel like punching and kicking but u hug it instead.u feel like leaving but u keep worrying what will happen next.u get stuck and dont know what to close yet so far away..the feeling of being uncertain to decide which step to take is the most annoying feeling ever!!when something has become more important than u urself,then u're in a big trouble. it's ok not to put urself as ur priority but someday u'll get so tired of happened before and why are you doing the same exact thing right now nik idzni dalila??maybe because it sounds so much like urself. u cant afford to be selfish with anyone or anything that come into urlife and u always get emotionally attached to them but someday u know things will get that something~i'll bear with anything as long as i possibly could.if it's so happen that i could no longer stay,remember,i warned you.


enough being emo,moving on to what happened today.
my 4th paper BIOLOGY~tadaaaaaaaa...i like this wasnt easy but it was waaaaaaaaay better than the previous three;)
i have my last two papers tomorrow and i hope everything will be juz fine..cant wait for the housetrip.i really want to fully utilised all the time i have to enjoy myself and have fun with my friends.i hope to come back with a new spirit to fight for my future.i really need this,REALLY!!
doing A2 make me realise the fact that it is what u give that u get back.if u give ur best then definitely u'll end up smiling sincerely looking at ur result sttement later now what i need to do is to study super duper hard!!!!!!!i hope everything will be fine.pls b fine.