Thursday, April 22, 2010

no word can best express this feeling

what i'm facing now is something new,something that i've never come across to.something that could be use wisely to reflect myself and who i used to be.something that hurts so feels so bad to disappoint the people you love the n ku,i'm sorry but i promise you,it'll never happen again.NEVER!

i dont have much time to grumble why it happens this way but i'm putting as much effort as i possibly could to turn things my way.i'm positive about this and i know i can do this.when there's something bad happen,i always take it from the bright side..people can say i sought solace to heal the wound but if it works then why not.things happen for reasons and it takes time to see those reasons but i hope to see a better me after going through all these obstacles.

i know life can be very demanding but seriously now it is so out of my expectations.i wish i could timetravel and go to the future.its untold stories are killing me at this particular moment.everything seems so far away.but as i said,i'm gonna get it done no matter what.i'm gonna chase it.i want my dreams to make enchanted leap to reality.

i did cry.but crying never make me feel gives me strength,the one that i really need more than anything right now.a saying lingers in my mind~Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

i beleive in that and that is my greatest power generator right now.feel like not talking to people about this coz i know all of them are facing the same thing and to lighten the burden on my shoulder,i need to spill this out..i do hope in the future,when i read this again,i'm smiling and feeling grateful for what has happened today..this is something that i can learn a lot from and i'm gonna do it.;)