Monday, April 12, 2010

a beautiful morning.

exam stress is haunting me this week and it's like killing me from the inside.seriously i never felt this way before.the pressure is so unbearable.oh God!why things seem to be so hard..why the dreams that i've been chasing all this while turn out to be sooooo far do i increase my speed so that i cud be side by side with them all??show me the way pls..i'll put extra effort,i'll do my best,i'll sacrifice my sleeping time..i'll do it all..anything so that i can achieve ths.i dun mind not getting good grades for my trials if it is juz to make me realise what shud i do so that in da real exm,i'll succeed..

to deal with ths stress n pressure, i did a lot of things..i cried a lot like A LOOOOOOOt.i cant deny the healing power of helped a lot..then i watched funny video from youtube..helga's a very good video..n this morning i wake up very very early in the morning to study bio...of course i cudnt avoid from feeling sleepy so everytime i feel that,i'll get up n walk to the common room...then i saw few pieces of paper..nurjumaat-being left unread for quite a long's like a big slap on my face..sometimes i do forget things..i enjoyed my life too much n sometimes ths can be harmful i have to admit.i read the nutjumaat n there's one section with the title remember kinda caught my eyes n's what was written-

when things are down
and u are out of ur mind
remember juz remember
Allah is The Kind

when ur life is in darkness
and nothing is right
remember n juz remember
through the darkness Allah is The light

when nothing makes sense
n u are heading for demise
remember n juz remember
allah is The wise.

i love the feeling when i wake up ths early...a very tranquil surrounding though actually in my chalet noise is hardly heard anytime cause all of us are very very quiet.i feel so relief n i do hope that ths feeling will remain..i wont let anything brings me down at ths moment.i'll keep my momentum up high so i can push my self to go beyond what i think i can do...but i need be by my side guiding me what i shud or shud not do cause only you knw everything..