Thursday, March 25, 2010

spices of life

people say if we know how to mix spices well then we are great cooks.the same goes to life.only by mixing happiness n sadness we can spell the word life correctly.i've learned a lot in these few weeks time.there are a lot of things u wish u have but u dont.but u always forget things that u have which others hope to posses.sometimes u forget all the way till the very last time,the time when u actually are going to lose it.knowing the fact that when one door of happiness closes,another opens for me make me feel grateful.i prefer to count the blessings and see things from the very bright side. life cudnt be that cruel till u allow it too.
a rejection from a university that i really hope to go to hurts like he** but holding other offers n the fact that i can still have my firm n insurance uni make me feel grateful.there are so many people out there wishing to have what i have now.i get all that i need to make my way to a better life.i have something to make parents smile n this more than everything.i do hope that i will be able to meet the requirements n fly off to uk..amin=)

enough of talking about serious thing.let's move on to something more interesting=)

maddy was in kelantan last week n we spent most of da time going out with syawal hafriz.i bet syawal had a big hole in his pocket as he had to pick us up everyday and sent us back home.n my house is quite far=p.during one of those night maddy stayed in my house we watched pisau was a very cool movies.i love the way the actresses showed their genuine interest in wealthy men.they did have good reasons.the juz wanna be reality,who doesnt want to be with someone that has lotsa money? money is da most crucial n essential nowadays.isnt it? but it shud not be the only thing being considered as important in looking for a partner.maybe the way i was thought when i grew up makes me think a little less about money.we live a very simple mom married unemployed man who turns out to be my dad and they are happily together up till now.why money seems to be so important to people?money can make our dreams come true.we can have big house,nice car,few maids,sophisticated clothes.all these seem so interesting right?i dun blame people if they really look foward to marry a man bornt with silver spoon in his mouth.if that can make you happy then go for it.
somehow the idea of targeting the money scares is not that i'm scared people wud approach me for's not possible coz i dun have any!=p
being an ordinary girl like me who is not a daughter of any company's ceo or cfo or manager and also not a flesh n blood of high standard people is so hard.i'm not talking about having less money for shopping or something.people wud always have this imprint in mind-she wants him because of money!i dun control who i'm going to fall in love with.and i dun ask around about how rich this somebody is when i start to like him.that's why i need a guy that knows me well and wud defend me even in front of his friends and family.if he thinks the same way as they do,he can get himself out of my life..i have nothing to regret!=)