Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a lot of things happened

tears and laughters are my closest company at this particular moment..whatever i do seems not it wrong if i refuse to be hurt?is it wrong if i let go of sumthg that i know wudnt bring any good to both of us?people wont one wud understand why i do this...i dun blame them coz they dunno what we've been thru..they have no idea about what's happening.of course i do feel sad but i wont show..coz i want u to think that i'm over u n u can juz move on..i'm sorry for doing ths but i knw this is da best..every cloud has its silver lining...every sadness leaves me with something that can make me smile..4 offers..3 from uk n 1 from ireland..i'm happy n now the most important thing tobe done is to get the grades.3A!

i feel so scared thinking what if i dun meet the requirement?nauzubillah...oh Allah,i really need your me go thru all the darkness..