Sunday, January 24, 2010

a trip to mid

it was juz a normal college trip. i went there juz to meet my sister n take my ring and watch that i left in her room about 2 weeks kill da rest of the time,i went to the cinema to see what horror movies that seemed interesting..there was one which is carrier but unfortunately the show was at 4pm.i cudnt watch that coz i needed to go back at 5.30pm.=((((..but then i decided to re-watch paranormal activity and i didnt regret it.watching in the cinema gave more effects and i kinda like it sooo much..after that i went to get all the stuffs that my friends asked me to buy..secret recipe cake,chicken cornish,calimine lotion..ect..ect..i was not in a very good mood actually for some personal reasons but i choosed not to disappoint them coz i knw how it felt to be craving for outside food when u live in a jungle=p..suprisingly,when i was in the bus waiting for all my friends to come so that we can head to the verdant upland again,i saw dilshad!! i was so excited!we were not that close before but there was something special in our frenship..i was so sad knowing the fact that he wont be joining us in college again but somehow i knw he's doing something good for himself.during the one hour journey to lembah beringin,i started to think about kept lingering in my mind like a song i never had to just came. i had a lot of friends esp guys coz i felt more comfortable talking to them.though sometimes guys' words can be quite harsh but most of them didnt use those words when talking to me or if they did,i'll be so pissed off n made them apologise..hahaha..i missed the time when i used to hang out with them,telling stories n complained about how hard my life was.i lost a few of my closest fren coz the way we see the friendship was different but it didnt matter to me.i mean,it was the past and why cudnt we be fren now?atleast give me a smile or a hi when we was so sad to lose frens but i do understand they need time to adapt maybe but i warmly welcome all my frens whenever u feel like it.