Thursday, January 7, 2010

the old one has been deleted

my new's gonna be all about me,my thoughts and anything around me.let's start with my new year resolutions. I want 3A's for my alevel,at least 7.5 for each of my ielts components,university placements n i want to enjoy my last semester in college.It isnt simple as it sounds. I need to really work hard as now i am dealing with A2.Come on!A2 is way harder than AS.However,i'm not gonna let anything jeopardise my obligations. I will pull my socks up and do my very best. I cant imagine how dissapointed my parents will be if i couldnt achieve these resolutions.NO!No!NO! I have to be positive.YES,i can do this.I just need to sacrifice a little of my too-much-sleeping-time and concentrate more in classes.A reservoir of courage is needed to keep me on going and survive my 4th sem n meet the requirements n fly..OMG! I'm that close to my dream already and what am i waiting for?go for it!!fight!fight!fight! i wish it is as easy as putting it down in words. indeed,it is NOT! but it's not IMPOSSIBLE!! not impossible at all as i've seen so many people survived.why cant i?i dont care if anyone says that i am kiasu(ky's term of studying very hard).i wanna be kiasu.i cant afford to fail.hello!it's rm60 000 of malaysian citizens' money that i'm talking about.this is more than just a personal goal.this is a responsibilty towards the money that has been invested for my education. so idzni,listen to your heart!!study hard is a must!!

i received an interview offer few days ago.i was so grateful as i thought i'm not gonna get any because my ps sucks.thank GOD..alhamdulillah..i shud not waste this opportunity.i need to convince this uni to take me as i'm not sure about my 3 other uni.i need to memorise as much facts about medic n try my very best to impress them.i really need this.pls pls pls..i'm so scared but i know i need to put all the negative thoughts aside. i need my positive self right now.i need to be confidence.gudluck nik idzni dalila=)