Thursday, January 14, 2010


it's my 4th day in college n i started to feel so tired with everything.i know that i should not feel this way.GOD,help me...give me strength..i'm done with 2 interviews.2 more to go.bangsawan is coming and i really dont feel like doing anything for bangsawan but unfortunately i am the house committee n by hook or by crook,i need to help them with this..i have a lot of test coming.a lot of things to study.i'm sooooo worried .i really need to manage my time very well and i wont succumb.i have ielts exam coming in 1 month n i really need to prepare as i'm not genetically predispose to be good in English.i need to work hard.OMG! everything seems so scary right now.AS result will be announced in 10 days and i'm so not ready not to get A for my bio.its the only subject i took last sem and i shudnt screw it up..i hope i didnt.despite all the stressful things i faced,i knw there is always someone who keeps on supporting and encouraging me n make me happy..thanks=)