Thursday, January 14, 2010


after a long wait in vain, litres of tears being shed,went through a lot of stressful phases in life,now i can at least smile though it's too early to be happy or excited. there's 1 friend of mine said to me when i was crying n grumbling about all those unfortunate things i need to face-u might question why these things are happening n it seems that no matter how much you ask for God's help,nothing could be changed but u are wrong.He always listen to you and the fact that He knows everything and he's waiting for the right time to help you.. don't give up and have faith n everything will be fine..easier said than done but now i realize that it's true.He brings us to these so He will helps us making through these is never fair if you keep taking things from the negative side.

sometimes we ask ourselves,why we still do not get the result we always want though we did study very's not only about's more than that.when u can figure out the other factors then will you knw that actually it can be achieved a lot easier..