Wednesday, January 27, 2010


no words can express my greatest gratitude to the Almighty for all His blessings and guidance.I am so happy due to the fact that almost all my prayers have been answered.Alhamdulillah.Thank God..Now what i need to do is to keep myself closer to Him. And i need to work super duper hard for my A2 and also the upcoming ielts exams.I'm also praying so hard for my university applications.I hope to get atleast 2 offers but if i get more than that,i wud be happier.what i learn throughout my journey to reach to this point is that, the results not only depend on the effort but also will be influenced by our attitudes,behaviour,the way we treat our teachers n frens and parents.It is more than what we think it is. i do face a lot of obstacles.i cry a lot and sometime i tell Him that i cant bear all this difficulties anymore but then He helps me to make it through.
Lesson of the day-if we want Him to help us,dont do things he dislikes=)